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Funny Things Kids Say

Hunter was watching Barbara Jo's class while his class was on the trampoline. Teacher "Hunter if we use this trampoline we have to sit right here...Barbara Jo Says" Hunter says "So are you telling me Barbara Jo's the boss"? a minute later He says " So are you telling me you work here?" That's right buddy!

-Hunter (Age 4)

Teacher:"Come on over here, we are about to jump!" Hadley: "Yes Mom!"

-Hadley (Age 3)

During awards week at the end of the summer we ask the children age 3-5 what they want to be when they grow up. Here are some of their responses. Madison - Nail polisher Boston - Bumble bee Jason - Astronaut, scientist & president of the USA Paige - I want to stay up Max - I'm bigger NOW Lexi - Myself Emily - My polkadot Avery - Princess Rapunzel Barbie Olivia - Bigger girl Rachel - Ringmaster but I do soccer practice right now Abby - I want to be a handstand Alex - A grown up. I want to grow hair on my chin.

-Various (Age 3)