Dance Studio

A Little About Us:

Our goal is to instill a love for the art of dance that will remain with our students long after their recital days are over. We provide professional dance training while ensuring our students have a positive dance experience.

Every class includes dance technique, expressive movement, musical and rhythmic awareness and life skills all while building artistic confidence and strong self esteem.

Class Structure

Each week new dance steps are introduced in a fun way based on ideas which correspond with our theme weeks. Take home skill posters will help the dancer chart their progress. Once a month we encourage parents to come in and be our audience for the last few minutes of class.


Our dancers may participate in two performances a year. These shows are held in an off-site auditorium so dancers can experience what it's like to perform on a big stage. In December we perform our adorable version of the Nutcracker Ballet, "The Littlest Nutcracker" and in the summer hold our annual Grand Performance.


Pre-School Dance Classes
(Duration: 45 minutes)

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Tiny Tutu (Age 2)

This adorable class gives our budding ballerinas an opportunity to explore movement that supports their naturally developing gross motor skills. Our tiny dancers love discovering a new world of music, movement and imagination through toddler-age-appropriate activities that build their emotional, social and physical skills all while enjoying some very special time with their very favorite person, “Mommy”. (Adult participation required. These classes do not participate in recitals.)
-Child graduates at age 3

Fairytale Ballet (Age 3)

Our young dancers love exploring the magic of movement in this fun and imaginative class. Dancers use props, dress up and storytelling to help reinforce and develop basic movement and gross motor skills. Special emphasis is put on developing social skills with fellow dancers and building a teacher-student relationship.
-Child graduates at age 4

Combo Class (Age 3)

This class is designed for the more energetic 3 year old dancer. This is a combination of pre-ballet, tap and basic tumbling. Our dancers will be exploring movement, rhythm, spacial awareness and sequential memory in this fun and fast paced class.
-Child graduates at age 4


Bunny Ballet / Tap (Age 4-5)

Our pre-school aged dancers have developing coordination and attention spans which makes them ready for a little more structure and new movement patterns. This class is pre-ballet (working from a combination of natural turn-out and parallel alignment) and beginning tap. We will be using our imaginations, fun studio props and exciting theme weeks to help introduce new concepts and skills.
-Child may graduate to Bunny Ballet/Tap II upon teacher approval or at age 6 to a Ballet or Tap class for 6-8 year olds

Hippity Hop / Pre-Jazz (Ages 4-5)

Using games and upbeat music, this high-energy and age-appropriate class will teach your young child fun hip-hop and jazz techniques and combinations with rhythm, musicality and basic footwork.
-Child may graduate at age 6 into a Hip Hop/Jazz class for 6-8 year olds.

Bunny Ballet/Tap/Pre-Jazz (Ages 5-7)

This class offers a great introduction to three different styles of dance. Dancers will be building a solid dance foundation practicing pre-ballet each week while alternating the basics of rhythmic tap and pre-jazz every other week.
-Child may graduate at age 6 to any beginning 6-8 year old class.

Tricks Dance Studio

School-Age Dance Classes
(Duration: 55 minutes)

Ballet / Tap / Jazz Class (Ages 6-8)

This popular class combines introductions of three fantastic dance styles into one terrific class! Dancers will be building a solid dance foundation practicing ballet every week while alternating rhythmic tap and funky jazz every other week. Each class will include warm-up exercises, barre work, across the floor sequencing, movement combinations, a cool down and reverance.
-Child may transfer to a beginning level Ballet, Tap or Hip Hop/Jazz class at any time or intermediate with teacher approval

Ballet (Ages 6-8 and 9-13 Beg / 9-17 Int & Adv)

At the age of 6 of dancers graduate from pre-ballet to beginning ballet. Our teachers will now be focusing on body alignment, body placement and ballet technique. Special attention will be giving to teaching proper terminology, class structure and ballet etiquette. Each class will include warm-up exercises, barre work, movement combinations, a cool down and a reverance
-Child may graduate to Intermediate or Advanced with teacher approval

Hip Hop/Jazz (Ages 6-8 and 9-13 Beg / 9-17 Int & Adv)

This fun, fast paced class includes a combination of funky jazz and more contemporary hip-hop moves. Our teachers use music that has clean lyrics and content while keeping up with the latest trends and dance styles.
-Child may graduate to Intermediate or Advanced with teacher approval

Tap (Ages 6-8 and 9-13 Beg / 9-17 Int & Adv)

This class teaches traditional and contemporary styles of tap rhythm, coordination, terminology, and choreography while focusing on proper technique, producing clear tap sounds and having fun!
-Child may graduate to Intermediate or Advanced with teacher approval

Production classes (Ages 6 and up)

Does your dancer want a little more time in front of an audience? This is the perfect opportunity for them to get that experience. Dancers will get the opportunity to perform at many different events. Dancers must be currently enrolled in another regular dance class. Production classes open up throughout the year, call the office for details.